For starters, we’re a family run company based out of Long Island, NY. Though our company was officially established in 2017, we’ve spent the last decade studying and sharing our innate love for art with friends, family, and followers through aesthetic related topics.


Our own unique struggles with skin took us on a journey, one which highlighted a combination of nature, skincare, and wellness as the foundational components for a true “glow up”. Some of our most serious struggles elevated our minds, opened us to opportunities in aesthetics and wellness, and shaped our mission in what is now “Higher Aesthetics”.


Higher Aesthetics is founded with a holistic, community based approach. Igniting the transformational process to healthier skin is definitely our forte!

But, we have to mention, the main focus is on emphasizing your already strong, unique skin qualities as they already are, how to love them, and how we can use them to assist your understanding of what skin health really is. 

Our first job was to fall in love with taking care of our skin, now it’s our job to help you take care of yours.


We are here to elevate you.


What we offer:

  • Custom skin treatments.

  • Combined passion & formal education in skincare   and wellness.

  • A path for you transform and fall in love with taking care of your skin.



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